Summer and Changes

Monday, July 08, 2019

The Hydrangeas are in bloom in our garden. Which of course, means summer is really here at last. We had a weekend full of sun and everything in the garden just seemed to come alive, which was so lovely. 

I have been working with Boden over the last few months on instagram to show you all some of their gorgeous clothes and how they can work for the average human. Boden have been a favourite of mine for many years, and I can't seem to get enough of their colourful prints and patterns. The dress I'm wearing is from their summer range but their new Autumn range has just dropped and it is as stunning as you can expect! 

Summer holidays are around the corner and this year, that means a couple of very special things to me. Firstly, we will be moving into our first home, which is just beyond exciting and I think I'll do a separate post on that. And secondly, I am leaving my job as a teaching assistant to go back to being a stay at home mum. It was always a bit of an experiment going back to work. We needed some extra money so we could save for the big move, but also we just wanted to see how it would work with the kids. However, after a lot of debating and worrying, we have decided that it just isn't working. The kids are missing me being more present in their lives. I don't just mean physically, I mean emotionally too. I'm just so tired and snappy and things are just slipping for us. And I miss them too. I miss having the energy to take them out after school or cook meals from scratch, or put thought into their packed lunches. 

Thirdly, I intend to start blogging again. I've missed this little space on the internet. No more vlogging though, thats for sure! But this was such a lovely hobby at one point, I would love to come back and try again. 

So thats a little update. I think I'll do a more in depth one soon. Until then, thanks for reading. xx


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