Last day of school

Friday, August 02, 2019

Dear Alice and Tommy,

Today was your last day of school before the summer holidays of 2019 started. Tommy, for you it was your last day in reception, which is a massive deal. Because over the summer you will turn 5! And then be off to year one, and we all know how quickly you'll grow up once that happens.

Alice, for you it was your last ever day in infants school! In September, you will be moving over to the junior school to start in year 3. You'll have a new uniform, new school, new friends. And hopefully, we'll all be in our new house. Our (possibly) forever house.

In fact, there will be lots of changes next year. I won't be working, and I hope that will mean we can spend more time as a family and home life will be a little less stressful. We've finally bought a home, a home which we can grow in and decorate and fix up. It's not as big as our rental house, but it will be ours. And we'll save money by living in a smaller place, which i hope will mean more financial stability, a few holidays here and there and a little more money for those little things in life that make us happy. Like new winter coats, or pizza on a Friday night, or a bigger ice cream in the park. We're trying to live more simply, which sounds a little silly when I write it down, but I hope it will make us all happier. It's time to appreciate the things we have more, start valuing time over things and fill our time with things that make us happy, not a house full of stuff.

I'm so proud of you both and I can't wait to see you grow and blossom in your new chapters. Thanks for both being so patient this year and understanding that we were saving for a house and giving us space when things got hard. We did it kids. Now it's time to enjoy it! xx


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