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Monday, August 19, 2019

This week I am linking up with the Living Arrows link up! Its been a long time since I linked up, but I think it's a lovely way of capturing and holding onto all those little moments and memories you've captured throughout the week! 

We haven't had much sun in London recently but when it has made an appearance, we've been getting out in the garden as much as possible. Especially since we will be moving to our new house next month and the new garden is a tad overgrown (which is an understatement to say the least!!) 

This is our bubble invention, which came about completely by accident after I tried to make some homemade bubble mixture using washing up liquid and water. Of course, the bubbles didnt hold at all and after filling an entire bucket with this slippery, useless substance, we came up with another plan for it! We found that if you use an old rock pooling net and dip it in, then wave it about frantically, it creates these great big mounds of bubbles and looks a little like it's snowing! My kids absolutely loved it, and it really is so easy to do so I don't end up getting stressed over the bubble mixture consistency!

Here's hoping for some more sun this week! Please!! 

Living Arrows


  1. What a fabulous idea, I must find our old fishing nets and give it a go!

  2. How fun! We love bubbles here... sounds like a great thing to do, I think we will try this today, if the rain ever stops! #LivingArrows

  3. Oh my gosh these photos! Bubbles are such a simple, timeless joy for children. I know my two just love to see and play with bubbles at every opportunity! x

  4. They look so happy in these photos! Your wish came true with the sun - what a lovely heatwave we had over the weekend! #LivingArrows

  5. What a fab idea! They look like they're loving those bubbles! #LivingArrows


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