Rain Rain Go Away

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

It kind of feels like this summer has been a bit of a wash out! We have had an awful lot of rain, which means more puddle jumping and less paddling pool splashing! Not that the kids seem to mind to be fair, they'll take any opportunity to get wet!

We went to Nonsuch park in Cheam to have a bit of a walk and a play. Does anyone else get massively inspired by planting combinations when they go to a formal garden? I thought I had my new garden all planned out in my head, and then I saw the rose gardens here and was like, I totally need roses in my garden!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it here on my blog, but we are getting a puppy soon. She's a little labrador and we are calling her Daisy. So we have also been scouting out some good places to walk her. The kids are so super excited to get her home, but we are going to be puppy-proofing the new house first and so the breeder is happy to hang onto her until the end of September, knowing that she will be going into a home that is completely ready for her. I also have just been given my first allotment and luckily dogs are allowed in, so she'll be my new little gardening buddy when the children are in school!

Lots happening around here. Can't wait to update you all with images of the new house and puppy soon! (Allotment may have to take a back seat for a couple of months! Haha!)


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