Summer Holidays - Baking

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

How are you holding up in the summer holidays? It's been pretty calm over here so far, but then we are only one week in! We've made cakes, been in the paddling pool, been to the park and done lots of arts and crafts. I must admit, it has been a long week! Haha!

We are kind of in the calm before the storm. We move house at the end of the month and everything is going to be go go go! We have barely started on packing and organising and getting our rental house back to how it was before we moved in! And theres so much to do at the new house before we can move in too. We don't have a massive budget so are having to do lots ourselves and just get the people in who we really need (electrician, plumber and plasterer), but we are so excited. Its our first ever house and we've dreamed of all the things we would do once we bought somewhere. Now it's time to walk the walk. 

Hope you are holding up ok this holiday! Good luck everyone! Hehe! xx


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