The summer time!

Sunday, August 04, 2019

It's summer time! Thursday 25th July 2019 was recorded as the second hottest day in the UK EVER!! And boy, it was hot. So we got out the pool, blew up the inflatables and even I joined them for a splash. But it wasn't until the evening time that we really felt the heat. By 5pm it was 32 degrees. At 7 it was 29, and it stayed 29 until at least 1am, when it started to finally drop. The kids, who normally sleep through any kind of heat at all, were both up for at least half the night! 

So when we woke up to rain an 21 degree heat this morning, we were all pretty relieved! But thats not to say we didn't love the heat. I think these pictures kind of say it all. Hope you all survived the heat and lets hope it doesn't come back quite as strong next time!! 


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