The woods- Alice Holt in Farnham

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

We went to Alice Holt woods in Farnham over the weekend, somewhere I was suggested to visit by a friend from work! I can't believe I didn't know it existed before, it's pretty amazing. Just an hours drive from London and you are in the middle of the most beautiful woods, free to enter too.

There is bike hire, a cafe, adventure playgrounds and lots of walking trails. We went on the Gruffalo walk, which is of course designed for children. It's a nice walk, about 0.6 miles in total, and on the way the children were able to find characters from the Gruffalo story as well as some lovely dens to hide in. We actually spent nearly the whole day here and only managed this walk, a play in the playground and some lunch at the cafe. I am particularly excited about going back and trying out the habitat walk, which apparently has a hollowed out tree with stairs in and a series of tunnels for children to crawl through like bunnies!

As usual there are about a million photos from our day below. Thanks for reading :)


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