Tommy's 5th Birthday

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Happy birthday Tommy! Tommy turned 5 on Wednesday, which sounds so old! My youngest child is now 5, how did this happen? Of course, his birthday does mean he is the youngest in his year group, but he makes up for it in height! Haha!

Tommy is so caring and kind and always putting others before himself. On the day of his birthday he handed over his first present to Alice and her she could open it so she didnt feel left out! In fact, we find that he does this sort of thing so much, we have to sometimes step in and tell him to stop and that it's ok for him to enjoy something for himself! The amount of chocolate treats he gives away to Alice is ridiculous. But it is just his nature. He wants to make everyone around him happy. 

The other night he was feeling unwell and so I stayed in his bedroom with him late into the night. As he held his tummy in pain and struggled to fall asleep, he turned to me and said "I'm sorry for disturbing you tonight mummy". He always makes my heart melt like that. 

We bought Tommy a bike and a train set and some things for gardening, his favourite hobby. On Saturday we are surprising him with a trip to Lego Land. He's really gotten into Lego recently and loves following all the instructions too, which is a pretty big deal! 

Happy birthday Tommy. I can not believe you are 5. Love you lots xx


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