Renovations / week 2

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Week 2 was far more exciting and less stressful than the first week! Mainly because it was the week the plasterers came, and everything felt like it was coming together suddenly. We probably needed pretty much every room plastered, but budget restraints meant we had to stick to the most desperate places. The back room was a complete state thanks to us having to rip off wallpaper from the walls and ceiling as well as the plumber and electrician having to drill through the walls to do their jobs! We also discovered that the plaster on the ceiling had blown, meaning the ceiling had to be plaster boarded before it could be skimmed over.

We also had the hallway ceiling plaster boarded and skimmed because it had the most horrid textured paint all over it, the kind that takes years to scrape off! And we knew anything we did in the hall would still look awful if we didnt deal with the ceiling, so that's what we did.

Meanwhile, while the plasterers got busy, Dave and I concentrated on painting the upstairs bedrooms and the living room. As is typical with an old victorian house, the skirting boards and door frames had all been painted different colours, so it took us quite a while to paint everything and I'm quite thankful for the time we got to do it or I don't think it would be done now!

We took the kids over to the house to see the progress and they were so excited and eager to get involved, which was nice. By the end of the week, things were looking a little more like an actual house that could be lived in one day, and that was great progress in our eyes!!


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