Renovations / week 3

Monday, September 23, 2019

Week three was all about bringing everything together. We had done the most important basics to get us living there (plumbing, electrics, plastering) and now it was about putting everything back and cleaning. Our internal doors were coated in layers and layers of coloured gloss paint. I looked for a long time online for replacement doors, but as the doors are all so huge they costed a fortune to buy from new or even reclaimed. So I found a company online who come and take them away and strip them of all the paint before sending them back to you for a small fee.

I was so pleased with how they came back! They are in need of some filling and sanding and varnishing, but I'm so pleased we didnt buy new ones. The doors are such heavy, solid pieces of wood and really add to the history of the house. I'm determined to keep as many original features as we can in here, from the doors to the wooden sash windows to the fireplaces we uncovered in the bedrooms upstairs.

After some more paint and a final varnish of the original sanded floors, we left the house ready to move our things in a few days later! Eek!


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