5 super easy Halloween treats for kids

Thursday, October 24, 2019

I thought I would share these super simple halloween treats for kids that you can make so quickly and so easily. I have no recipes, but these are seriously so simple because they all use ready made ingredients so hopefully they should be pretty self explanatory! 

The first is a rice crispy pumpkin! I have made these before for my kids and they are a hit. I mixed the rice crispy's with marshmallows and orange food colouring to make mine, but I guess you could use melted chocolate or honey instead! 

Love these because they are a little more healthy, but still very effective. Love the chocolate chip eyes on the banana ghosts!

 I mean, who isn't itching to get out the gingerbread man cutters for christmas anyway?! Love the idea of these little scary gingerbread men, and so simple to do!

These are oreos, covered in icing or coloured melted chocolate! All you need is a little imagination to decorate and no baking involved!

Or of course, you could make the oreo spiders instead. So cute, love these little sweet teeth!


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