The Shed

Monday, February 24, 2020

Little allotment update for you all! We put up our shed at the weekend. Of course, no one told us about the 40mph winds forecast or the absolute downpour we encountered on Sunday! But we made it.

We rented a van to take it over to the plot and of course, one piece didn't fit. So we had to carry it 30 minutes down the road, through the highstreet to the plot. At least we got a work out! Once we started constructing it, we quickly realised we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. And sheds are not easy things to construct, despite what many have told us about how simple it is. We put the panels on the wrong way not once, but twice and had to take it all apart again. And the door is definitely on upside down. but the point is, it is finally built and still standing (for now!).

A shed is the one thing I was really missing at the plot. I've had nowhere to store my tools or to hide in the odd downpour (especially since the polytunnel flew away!). It's also given the plot a lot more structure. The whole thing seems to have come together.

No one actually tells you how hard it is to create the layout of a new plot. I've never made paths before, or had to figure out where raised beds should go etc. My logic was to make the beds small enough that I don't have to step on them to plant things, but large enough to get a good amount of crops in them. And the paths should be wide enough for the wheelbarrow. But that was about it!

The shed is up, just in time for March when things are going to get ever so slightly busier on the plot! yay! 


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