Busy at the plot

Sunday, December 11, 2022

The second my shed was up, I painted it. I was so excited to have the shed exactly as I had planned in my head, and that was very much pink! The colour is Sweetpea Pink by Cuprinol and I love it. Inside I painted the walls white in an attempt to keep the spiders out! Haha! Hasn't worked so far, but I did my best!

For the flooring I've just stapled some ground sheet down. I wanted to keep the wood dry as well as easy to maintain and sweep and wash. It's probably not the best thing I could have put down, but it works for now. I have bought our old Ikea dining table to the plot and now use it as a potting bench which is brilliant. And I found an old chair in a skip one day on my way to the allotment and managed to save it for myself! 


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