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  1. Hello,

    I'm Gaëlle from the consumer panel Rewarded Surveys ( and I would like to offer you and your online community the possibility to earn money and test products.

    We have a sponsorship programme that allows you to make money. To promote our panel, you can share a sponsorship link on your website / blogs / social media. For each referee who joins, you will receive 500 points, equivalent to £ 0,34. This way, you only need 26 referees to get a £ 10 Paypal transfer or Amazon gift voucher from us.
    Rewarded Surveys belongs to Cre'Online group. We are live in France since 2012 and in Spain since the beginning of 2017. We work with the best Market Research Institutes worldwide and decided to extend to the UK in order to meet our clients demand. We're 100 % sure our services will be appealing to your community. We already have more than 300 000 panelists through France and Spain.
    To get your sponsorship link and start earning money, we invite you to join on:
    Once logged-in, you can get your sponsorship link going to the page "Product tests" and scrolling down until you find the "Get my sponsorship link" button.
    I'm looking forward to work with you and I'm available to answer any question you would have regarding our panel and the way we can work together.
    Best regards,
    Gaëlle Lefevre / Online Manager / /


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